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Why we CLICK... and you should, too!

Two teachers, Mathilde Svab from IUT Cachan, France, and Carianne Garside from Tunxis Community College, CT, USA, share their experience teaching the CLICK project “Communicating in Color: Artists and Engineers". CLICK (Collaborative Learning for International Capabilities and Knowledge) is a virtual exchange program offered by Gazelle International that empowers teachers to connect their classrooms and engage student teams in cross-cultural, project-based learning using global workforce technologies.

In this CLICK project, students worked in cross-national teams and created a color-related question that they wanted to explore, ideally with an international focus. Then they designed and carried-out an experiment to answer their question.

Professors Garside and Svab created the following learning objectives for their students for the "Communicating in Color" CLICK project:

Produce a final “color project” that demonstrates how artists and engineers use color in different cultural and professional settings.

Collaboration -

Works respectfully and equitably within a small group in order to complete a multi-step project

Demonstrates ability to help the group manage time and deadlines to produce their assignments across time zones

Online Citizenship -

Creates/contributes to empathetic and meaningful interaction by building on the cultural and linguistic diversity of on-line communication

Demonstrates a positive attitude towards cultural and linguistic diversity in on-line communication

Effective Use of Technology -

Demonstrates proficiency in 4-5 technological tools: LinkR Ed, Zoom, Whatsapp, Google Docs and possibly Prezi, in order to build a project within an international team.

Their students worked in international and interdisciplinary teams to meet the learning objectives and produce a final capstone project. It was a huge success! The students and faculty planned to visit each other this spring, but unfortunately they were unable to travel due to COVID-19.

Want to find out more about how to become involved in CLICK? Join one of our Explorers Workshops this summer or contact us today!

June 23, 2020

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