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CLICK Virtual Exchange

  • CLICK Virtual Exchange connects classrooms across countries.

  • Any enrolled student gains an in-depth international learning experience at no extra cost.

  • Faculty amplify the cross-cultural power of their classroom with an energizing global partner.

  • Campuses deepen partnerships with more channels for more globally ready graduates.


Entering our seventh year, we’re excited to offer a new set of professional development workshops to help you explore how CLICK/VE can work for you. Our longstanding cohort model for kickstarting your first complete program with its nested workshops is still available. Watch for additional workshops throughout the Fall semester.

Schedule a consultation with our founder: Contact us to schedule one or more workshops. Send an email to Dr. Ruther on adapting them to your needs.

Training Workshops

Need a little more detail on how Virtual Exchange works?

CLICK Virtual Exchange is a collaborative teaching and learning approach that produces both solid international and subject-matter learning by harnessing project-based, technology-supported pedagogy. Two or more teachers from different countries connect their classes to enable their students to collaborate in learning and working together to produce final cross-national team projects. The partner teachers jointly design a set of tech-supported learning activities in a synchronous and asynchronous mix to fulfill a set of shared learning outcomes for both home classes and cross-cultural, digital literacy, and other 21st-century skills. Since Gazelle’s beginning in 2017, we built CLICK on deep VE foundations like SUNY COIL, European telecollaboration, and their international partners, and the more recent lessons and participating campuses around the Covid pivot.




Learn the basics of successfully CLICKing classrooms and explore how it could work for you, your courses, and your students.

Target Participants

  • Faculty in any discipline or field, instructional/learning center staff, program directors/dept chairs, academic deans

  • 10-20, maximum 25 participants

  • 2.5 hours, Zoom interactive virtual session with small- and whole-group activities


  • What goals you can reach: cross-cultural, subject plus other priority outcomes 

  • Collaborative pedagogy is critical to success - goals & project-based learning

  • Scaffolding to build skills, trust, and teams - beyond icebreakers

  • Choosing the technology for your CLICKed course, fluency over expertise

  • Real-world teaching materials and examples





Learn how CLICK advances larger campus priorities. Learn how student and faculty results can build your CLICK program and motivate faculty, funders, and global partners to repeat, sustain and scale up.

Target Participants

  • Presidents, Provosts, Deans, Academic leadership, Institutional Research, 

  • 10-20, maximum 25 participants

  • 2.5 hours, Zoom interactive virtual session with small- and whole-group activities


  • Overview of CLICK per class and across a CLICK program portfolio 

  • Globally ready graduates, key goals beyond cross-cultural & subject matter

  • Faculty motivation & recruitment - high impact practices, collaborators

  • Balancing opportunities and costs - traditional and innovative approaches

  • CLICK assessment examples and samples of results




You and your international partner(s) will create the foundation of the CLICK VE program with your first complete cohort of teachers and students complete with learning, teaching, and program outcome information. You and your CLICK liaison team will “learn by doing” using Gazelle’s five-part CLICK system of professional development and assessment led and coached by our Founder, Dr. Nancy Ruther. Your faculty will form a cohort working together, matching with teaching partners to jointly design and run their first CLICK projects with cross-national student teams, provide important program assessment data, and start you and your international partner's CLICK teaching and learning community.

Target Participants

  • 8-16 faculty, equally mixed from 2+ countries, mix of disciplines and levels welcome

  • CLICK liaison team (2-5) - leadership; program coordination; learning and teaching support

Topics and Timing

Term 1: Three workshops over 8 facilitated virtual sessions (1.5 hours each) over 6-9 weeks (see visual below 1. Explore, 2. Connect, 3. Design) plus 2-10 hours of teaching partner contact to develop and finalize their CLICK connected course learning syllabi

  • Led by our Founder, highly interactive sessions with real-world materials and examples, as well as background reading with CLICK’s proven curriculum

  • Use of Gazelle International’s Linkr training platform

  • Up to 2 hours of Gazelle Intl support per teaching pair during the training period

Term 2: The teaching partners in the cohort run their freshly designed CLICKed class modules, typically each with 20-40 students working in cross-national teams. (See visual below 4. Running, 5. Assess and Recognize)

  • For each CLICK, students will complete pre- and post-project surveys 

  • Faculty will provide a pre-training profile and complete a post-project survey

  • Teachers and students will receive certificates of completion, providing leadership recognition from both partner campuses in their national languages.

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Advising Services

Growing with the CLICK System


The CLICK system works best in a collaborative ecosystem of institutional partners. Let us help you grow your institutional network as you grow your CLICK program and your campus’ reputation and ability to attract students and faculty. Starting with trust-building among faculty in CLICK training can lead to innovative, bottom-up ideas and cement program-level initiatives such as joint degrees. With a burst of needs assessment and goal setting with our Founder, you can integrate the CLICK roadmap into your campus’ larger strategy framework and curricular goals through virtual exchange.


Institutional Partnerships: Needs Assessment and Internationalization Strategy


Developing your institutional partnerships is crucial to achieving CLICK’s promise of access for increasing numbers of students involved in global work right in your own classrooms by integrating CLICK into your campus strategy and programs. You have a global agenda, but it needs to be more focused and address the priorities of your campus. Schedule a call with our Founder, Dr. Nancy Ruther.

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