Join the CLICK virtual exchange community! Individual teachers, campus leaders, academic advisors, and teaching support staff are welcome to register for our individual open-enrollment training workshops and also become members of the CLICK Network. 

If you have questions after exploring our individualized services, please contact us. For program and specialized services such as assessment, curriculum development, strategy or training for virtual exchange, and international education, please see “Institutional Services.”


Are you curious about how Virtual Exchange really works?

Join us for this introductory workshop with Gazelle International to learn about virtual exchange and how Gazelle International's CLICK system can help you get started.

~ Get hands-on with virtual exchange ~ Ask those questions you've been afraid to ask! ~ Connect with other interested educators and potential international partners.~ See how CLICK turnkey system for VE can work for you and your institution.

Come for an engaging hour. Then, stay for social overtime.

1 hour online, interactive group session. 12-15 participants



Connect with a CLICK teaching partner. Teachers learn the keys to collaborative virtual exchange teaching, share teaching and learning goals, and agree on the basics of your teaching collaboration. This workshop is designed for individual professors, teachers, academic support staff ready to start a virtual exchange project with an international partner. Teachers seeking partners are welcome. Teaching teams welcome.

5 hours total - 2 synchronous, interactive group sessions (3 hours) and 2 hours of teacher consultations, reflection.



Design a CLICK virtual exchange project with a teaching partner abroad. Using backward design, specify shared learning goals and ideal final student team project. Create intercultural and team learning tasks. Test and decide on technologies. Agree on shared assessment. Schedule and plan resources and deliverables. Be ready to deliver it. This workshop is designed for teaching partners at the university/college level, academic and instructional support staff. It is especially useful for teachers or staff just starting with CLICK; for teachers who are working with a new partner; or teachers who are working with the same partner on a new project. 

13 hours total - 4 synchronous, interactive group sessions (6 hours) and 7+/- hours of teacher consultations and reflection with collaborating teachers.


CLICK Network

The CLICK Network is an annual membership for individuals to connect with teaching partners and access a range of resources. Expert support is provided by Gazelle International facilitators. Teachers, academic advisors, curriculum and teaching support staff, deans and international education staff involved in CLICK virtual exchange are all welcome. Member benefits and contributions include: 

  • Membership in the Gazelle International linkr platform which is bilingual French-English, GDPR compliant.

  • Access to CLICK faculty profiles of teaching partners.

  • Gazelle International facilitator support by email and message on linkr, occasionally by conference call and in special events.

  • Gazelle International actively scans for potential teaching partners and initiates email introductions.

  • Updated resources, including best practices, strategies, technology guides, and more.

  • Regularly scheduled events, socials, and speed-dating sessions over the year.

  • Conduct pre- and post-student and post-faculty CLICK surveys; receive raw data from pre-post student surveys upon request.

  • Share CLICK project materials & insights with the community.

  • Student certificate template for completed CLICK project, bilingual as needed. 

See our current schedule and prices for open-offering workshops.

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