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The Gazelle Story

Inspiring Innovators To Lead the Way 

Our name?

While at Yale’s MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies, I organized a conference on “Higher Education and African Development” with Yale faculty, senior faculty and university leaders from various African countries along with key funding agencies like the Rockefeller and Ford Foundations and the World Bank.  I also made sure to invite a few Latin American specialists, given my own deep background there and the importance of a relevant counterpoint to the African scene. At one point, late in the first day, the African colleagues picked up a refrain that ran something like, “Change in Africa is hard.  You don’t know what dinosaurs our universities are.” Tiring of it, one of the Latins stood up and said, “Africa isn’t the only continent where higher education dinosaurs still roam.  The key is to find the gazelle, the innovative unit or leader ready to break out and move the university forward!”  That is Gazelle International’s goal! To help the innovators, the ones ready to break out and lead, help you make your international strategies soar.  ~ Nancy Ruther

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