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Gazelle International and the
CLICK System for Virtual Exchange

Gazelle International, a registered, non-profit organization, starts with the premise that the world is undergoing tectonic shifts with globalization and technology. We partner with innovative higher education leaders — Presidents, Provosts, Deans and others who are ready to tackle the challenges created by these shifts and to discover new ways to advance their missions. 

  • Gazelle empowers international higher education leaders seeking to create new models and initiatives that produce globally capable graduates, providing students with pathways to true international expertise.

  • Gazelle and our clients understand we must capitalize on the opportunities found in fluid borders and seamless connections in order to adapt to and thrive in our changing world.  

  • Gazelle's team works with university leaders and faculty to embrace their own globalization, seizing the opportunity to deepen their strengths and capitalize on the sustainability benefits of a truly global business model.



  • Shape international educational programs at the faculty and leadership levels—from curriculum assessment to funding strategies.

  • Build international partnerships higher education institutions around the world across the spectrum of research universities to technical institutes and community colleges.

  • Lead & manage self-supporting and fee-based programs, working with major donors, governments, foundations and non-profits.

  • Develop business models with higher education clients that employ value-investing and seed-funding to promote and support innovative programs that make a difference in the world.


Gazelle International, Inc. was incorporated in the State of Connecticut on 4 November 2015. We received our official non-profit 501(c)3 status from the U.S. federal government Internal Revenue Service on 4 September 2016.  Further information is available upon request.

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