Workshop Series

Virtual Exchange 101

Learn the basics, meet other interested educators from different countries, ask your questions and see how the CLICK system can work for you. Decide to join Explore and then stay for Connect and Design.

  • Virtual Exchange 101
    Thu, Dec 08
    Dec 08, 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM EST
    Introductory workshop with Gazelle International. One hour workshop plus social overtime.

Explore Workshop

Educators from different countries get familiar with CLICK goals-based pedagogy, share their home curriculum learning goals, and explore together how collaborative and cross-cultural teaching could work for them as individuals and potential partners. Start with Explore and stay for Connect to make your match.

Explore-Connect-Design Workshops

 Start with the Explore-Connect-Design teacher training and matching workshops. This workshop series empowers faculty with the tools needed to make CLICK projects succeed through virtual interactive workshops using linkr Education, a bilingual, collaborative teaching platform.

  • France-US-Global Educators CLICK!
    Mar 02, 2023, 9:30 AM – 11:00 AM EST
    Educators from different countries explore CLICK goals-based pedagogy together, share home course goals, and how collaborative and cross-cultural teaching could work for them as potential partners.

Connect Workshop

Teachers match with a partner in the cohort using speed dating and rank-order preferences after exploring partner compatibilities while probing and discovering mutual CLICK learning goals. Teachers who have completed Explore are welcome to register. CLICK teachers seeking new partners are also welcome.

Join us for two interactive 90-minute sessions. Both sessions are normally required for a successful match. We meet two days in a row on Thursday, March 23 & Friday, March 24, 9:30-11:00 am EST / 13:30 UTC.

Speed dating occurs on Friday. Partner matches will be finalized within a week. Both partners normally continue into Design Workshop to complete their CLICK training and have a project ready to run in the following semester.

Design Workshop

New teaching partners jointly create their CLICK project plans “ready to run.” Collaborating teachers develop each part of their CLICK learning plans with our tested curriculum and wealth of real-life materials in interactive sessions led by Gazelle International’s founder and facilitators. Teaching partners from Connect are welcome to register. New teaching partners for CLICK teachers are also welcome.

Join us for four interactive 90-minute sessions. Participation of both partners is strongly advised for all four sessions. Successful CLICK projects also require partners to meet for 2-6 hours between facilitated sessions. Our CLICK Coach will support you during and outside our facilitated sessions.

CLICK Special Events

Join us to learn how to create collaborative classroom projects with international teaching partners.




CCID’s 47th Annual Conference

Virtual Intercultural Competence Symposium.png

Look for Gazelle International at the CCID Annual Conference where we’ll join the community as we discuss how to to re-envision your  work, take risks, and set global goals.

Is Virtual Exchange the next iteration of International Ed? Where does it fit for you?  Let’s talk!

Nancy Ruther looks forward to seeing you at NAFSA!


“Can virtual exchanges increase access post-COVID-19?”

Lessons from the field with our colleagues:


  • Rajika Bhandari, PhD

  • Kyle Kastler, MA 

  • Nancy L. Ruther, EdD, 

  • Ana Cristina Biondo Salomão