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CLICK Virtual Exchange Training System

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Training Workshops

Upcoming CLICK Cohorts:
Workshops and Wrap-Around Support

Mexico & USA Teachers CLICK

We’re proud to welcome our newest campus partner: Polytechnic University of Guanajuato, Mexico! Teachers from the Polytechnic University of Guanajuato look forward to connecting with US teachers in our next virtual exchange cohort.

Global & USA Teachers CLICK

This series is open to any global educator to partner with USA educator. You will find your teacher match at the start of the series in the Explore and Connect Workshops. Established USA and international partners are welcome.

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  • Term 1: Workshop Series: Match educators, train partners, and jointly design CLICK/Virtual Exchange projects ready to run. Includes Explore, Connect & Design Workshops from late September - early December 2023, with specific dates shown above.

    • Our Founder and seasoned CLICK coaches lead each interactive session running 90 minutes.

    • A wealth of practical resources and real-life materials are provided systematically throughout the series.

    • The CLICK coaches also provide feedback online and in person between sessions.

  • Term 2: Ensures CLICK/Virtual Exchange project success with support, assessment and recognition. Runs December 2023 - May 2024. Includes personal support for the teaching teams, certificates, and pre/post assessment results.

    • With the CLICK project design complete in December, we stay with you, applauding or troubleshooting, depending on your need.

    • Our assessment system empowers you to "connect the dots" between student, teacher, and program results.


Join us as a campus partner and start your own cohort with as few as five teachers.

Mexico & USA Teachers

Global & USA Teachers


Term 1

Explore Workshop Header.png

Global educators explore CLICK goals-based pedagogy, discovering how collaborative and cross-cultural teaching can work for them and potential partners in the cohort.

Connect Workshop Header.png

Educators match with a teaching partner in the cohort using speed dating after exploring partner personal and professional compatibility and mutual CLICK learning goals.

Design Workshop Header.png

Using our proven CLICK backward design approach, teaching partners design and develop their collaborative team projects "ready to run". Questions and in-session exchanges within the cohort enrich all the final designs.

Wrap-Around Support (1080 × 400 px).png

From the conclusion of the Design Workshop in early December, right through the Fall semester, our CLICK coaches continue working with the teaching partners with wrap-around support to troubleshoot issues and maximize the success of your virtual exchange experience for both faculty and students.

Term 2

Assessment & Outcomes (1080 × 400 px).png

With our student pre- and post-surveys, teaching partners can see their student outcomes from the CLICK project in a larger context. For advocacy to continue and grow your CLICK/VE programs, you have both cross-project results along with anonymous assessment insights from teaching partners' post-surveys.

Recognition & Certificates.png

It's important to recognize the accomplishments of the students and educators in the CLICK/VE projects! We provide certificates of completion for the CLICK projects as they end over the Spring24 semester. We also provide the faculty a completion certificate at the end of the training in Fall23.


Nancy Ruther looks forward to seeing you at NAFSA!

“Can virtual exchanges increase access post-COVID-19?”

Lessons from the field with our colleagues:

  • Rajika Bhandari, PhD

  • Kyle Kastler, MA 

  • Nancy L. Ruther, EdD, 

  • Ana Cristina Biondo Salomão 

Do you need additional information on how it all works?
Register for our complimentary

Virtual Exchange 101

This free introductory session allows you to learn the basics, meet other interested educators from different countries, ask your questions and see how the CLICK system can work for you. Move on to the full CLICK System, including Explore, Connect, and Design Workshops

For additional details on how the CLICK program works, click here.

  • Virtual Exchange 101
    Fri, Mar 24
    Mar 24, 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM EDT
    Introductory workshop with Gazelle International. One hour workshop plus social overtime.
  • Virtual Exchange 101
    Tue, Apr 04
    Apr 04, 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM EDT
    Introductory workshop with Gazelle International. One hour workshop plus social overtime.
  • Virtual Exchange 101
    Fri, Apr 14
    Apr 14, 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT
    Introductory workshop with Gazelle International. One hour workshop plus social overtime.

Watch for additional VE 101 workshops in late April and May

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