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CLICK Success Stories

  • 100% of faculty agree that CLICK gave them skills that will use in their other courses

  • 100% of faculty said that CLICK introduced them to new knowledge about teaching in a global classroom

  • 100% of faculty agree that their CLICK experience will benefit them in other classes and extracurricular interactions

  • 95% of CLICKing students said they appreciate the value of different cultural perspectives

  • 80% of CLICKing students said they were able to work with different technologies

  • 77% of students enjoyed interacting with students from other countries through their virtual exchange experience

  • 67% of students said CLICK will help them succeed in the global workforce


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“I think the experience in the CLICK project made me reevaluate how I explain certain things.  I’m so used to everyone quickly understanding everything I mean that when I began working with the French students I had to quickly adjust to accommodate. I think this improved my ability to communicate and will better my experiences in the work field later on.”

~ Hillsborough Community College Student

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“The students mentioned that their top challenge was the time difference, so to have succeeded in creating a final product collaboratively... is a huge success. There was success in having the more introverted students open up and work with their partners and in having our students to learn to ask each other questions and actually speak to each other. Our live meetings were loud!”

~ Northern Essex Community College Faculty Member

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“The CT CLICKs program provides community college students and faculty with the unique opportunity to participate in international learning experiences that prepare them for the global workforce. The inclusion of collaborative research projects among the partner institutions in France and Connecticut provides a diversity that can produce results that might be impossible to achieve individually.”

~ Tunxis Community College Professor

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“I really enjoyed working with people coming from different countries, especially because I learned that I am able to get work done in a team, even if I don’t speak a perfect English” 

~ IUT Nancy-Brabois, Université de Lorraine Student

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“CLICK encourages co-facilitators to create a syllabus and grading system together prior to teaching the course. That makes all the difference in terms of creating a cohesive faculty team.”  

~ Hillsborough Community College Faculty Member

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“It was a great opportunity and I hope colleges everywhere are {already using CLICK} or start doing CLICK projects with different cultures.”

~Jefferson State Community College Student

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