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Podcasts, Museums, and Ads… Oh My!

Spring 22 CLICK Projects with Université de Lorraine

Another round of CLICK projects has come to an end! Five Université de Lorraine IUT teachers paired with five American teachers to engage 258 students across 8 campuses in France, Alabama, Massachusetts and Texas. Let’s take a look at what they were able to accomplish!

Healthy Everywhere These students produced health advertisements that contrasted and compared the health systems of the United States and France and targeted an intercultural audience. The CLICK collaboration connected Communications & English classes at University of North Alabama and IUT Nancy-Charlemagne, Université de Lorraine.

This experience was a wonderful way for my students to realize how different and enriching people from another culture can be. They were thrilled and I was too! Wonderful experience to be continued! – French teaching partner

It allowed me to learn more about the French health care system, which I thought I knew, when in fact I did not. -- French student

An exciting day when the Alabama class hosted their French teaching partner during class.

Yay or Nay Podcast These students produced podcasts based on their research and discussions about the different voting systems and the impact of elections in France and the United States. The CLICK collaboration connected Communications & English classes at Tarrant County College and IUT Metz.

“I think I had a lot more interaction with my students and got to know them better. I think it introduced them to an exchange that we don't really have an opportunity for at present on our campus… I think they got to see how other systems of government work beyond their own. For my class that was valuable as it created interest not only in voting and elections at home but abroad.” – American Teaching Partner

Impact of Nurses in Health Care Settings The students probed the question “How do you quantify the human element of quality health care?” They did this by looking at the role of nurses in nursing homes. They developed a survey identifying issues faced by nurses that affect quality of care which were distributed in both countries. The CLICK collaboration connected Communications & English classes at UNA and IUT Nancy-Brabois.

“It has reminded me that there are other ways that the world works outside of mine but that people are not very different from each other.” – American Student

“It has changed my perspective in that I was under the impression that the problems we face in health care in the US was different than those of other countries. However, with working with the students from France, I now know that we have similar issues.” -- American student

YEAH Math! In English American math students acted as subject matter experts, presenting mathematical concepts and applications without jargon to French English students who worked on the history of those same concepts.The CLICK collaboration connected Differential Equations and English classes at Northern Essex Community College and IUT Longwy.

“This project has been such a great experience. I've been very lucky to have a great US partner. Working with NECC was so easy. This positive and open minded state of mind has help us a lot in carrying out our project until its end, with amazing involvement from the students in the 2 institutions.”- French Teaching Partner

IUT Longwy students celebrated the completion of their CLICK project with their certificates

YOU are Biology This CLICK project was our biggest yet with a total of 134 Biology for Non-Majors and English for Biology students participating! They worked in teams to create infographics addressing biology basics. The French students presented their work at IUT Nancy-Brabois’ International Day. Check out the infographics that are part of the Jefferson State digital museum!

“I have never communicated with someone from a different country like this. So meeting new people from across the world was cool.” – American Student

“I have spoken with Americans and this is the first time I have spoken to foreigners in their language and it is very rewarding.” – French Student

“It made me realize that interactions with people from other cultures are important, especially in the world of work.” – American Student

“I got to experience cultural experiences with other students in different countries. I got to learn what they do and how they communicate and also what they like to do and they got to do the same with us. It was a real eye opener because I had never really had the chance to learn from other cultures by people, so it was more fun to actually speak and communicate with them which was a big thing I was excited for in this project. This will help me in studies and in real life also.” – American Student

Keep an eye on the blog for another post about more CLICK projects from this semester with our other university partners!

Emily Hathaway

20 May 2022

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