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How CLICK Virtual Exchange Works

2200 Students • 124 Teachers • 77 CLICK Projects Worldwide

Set Your Program Goals

Assess Your Results

Execute Your Internationalization Strategy

Since 2016, we've learned a thing or two.

Whether you are new to VE or currently invested, Gazelle International brings six-plus years of lessons learned and applied expertise with our CLICK VE service. To heighten and deepen the stature of your international virtual exchange program, we offer tailored, goals-based packages to seize opportunities to scale quickly and seamlessly.

Our six years of program data demonstrate and highlight the results from students and faculty and across VE projects.


Wrangling time zones and technology, students work across cultures and languages and produce final team projects with international peers. They gain new perspectives, skills, and friends along with increased self-confidence in their ability to thrive in the broader global world.


Goals-based training complements and boosts faculty professional standing, empowering them to deliver authentic, global experiences to their students. Collaborative pedagogy broadens, develops and enhances faculty reputation with international connections and partnerships.


Know the results of all your VE projects using our signature pre/post student and faculty metrics. Leverage this key data to show the full value of your investment to funders and campus leadership, to boost faculty recruitment and retention, while aligning virtual exchange to reinforce all your campus and global strategies.

Be the Gazelle on Your Campus!

Administrators, Deans, Provosts, Instructional Designers: 

Join bold campus leaders and innovative teachers in bringing Virtual Exchange to your campus. Contact our Founder, Nancy Ruther, Ed.D.

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