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What Makes Gazelle...a "Gazelle?"

If you aren’t familiar with our origin story, the name “Gazelle International” reflects our mission of enabling our innovative campus partners to lead with international strategies that ,empower your students to soar. Like our namesake, Gazelle International employs keen vision and agility so each teacher cohort advances and thrives. The gazelle embodies our commitment to swift and grounded innovation to advance our shared vision of ensuring growing numbers of globally ready graduates.

The key to Gazelle International’s CLICK system of Virtual Exchange is our wrap-around

support that begins with Teacher Training, continues in implementing collaborative cross-national projects with Teacher Support, and concludes with recognition of student accomplishments and assessment to demonstrate Student Success.

To help you take the first leap, we help you match with a teaching partner as part of our

Explore/Connect/Design workshops. With a cohort of like-minded educators, we help you learn to connect your classes and jointly teach your CLICK Virtual Exchange projects.

We don’t just tell you how to create a CLICK/VE Project; we work with you each step of the way via live group workshops and individual coaching that incorporates real-life case samples, practical templates, and technological options that build on foundational and collaborative pedagogy.

New to Virtual Exchange? No worries! Teachers without VE experience have indicated that after they completed our training, they felt confident enough to share the value of intercultural competence and the CLICK/VE experience on their home campus!

Teachers say:

  • “Nancy is fully prepared, always attentive to our needs, and guides us step by step in order to achieve the goal.”

  • “Meeting and sharing information with an international community was my favorite part. I wasn't sure how I would find partners and a program on my own.

  • “I enjoyed the matching and design workshops, and getting feedback was helpful.”

  • “Nancy is very engaging as she outlines the process, and she offers many helpful examples in 'work-shopping' participants' ideas.”

Interested in joining the “gazelles” with your own campus? Ready to take the first leap yourself?

Contact us to talk about how to start your own VE experience!

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