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The CLICK System of Virtual Exchange 

Collaborative Learning for International Capabilities and Knowledge

Our turnkey system empowers your campus to develop your own international virtual exchange program and scale quickly. In just two semesters, five faculty with international partners will transform the global skill sets of 100+ students right in your own classes. Our Founder and CLICK coaches actively run all training, support and assessment work. Your success is our success.


Follow the roadmap 

  • In term 1, three key workshops match your faculty with a global partner to jointly create the magic of collaborative CLICK modules connecting regular classes to enable cross-national student teams to produce exciting projects. Our bilingual training platform is complimentary for running the CLICK Projects.

  • In the next term, your faculty run their collaborative CLICK projects with our CLICK coaches’ support right through the final certificates of faculty and student achievement..

  • Move forward with results from our signature pre/post student and faculty metrics for planning and advocacy. Align CLICK virtual exchange campus and global strategy.


Be the Gazelle on Your Campus!

Administrators, Deans, Provosts, Instructional Designers: 

Join bold campus leaders and innovative teachers in our next cohort. To create your campus’ CLICK cohort, contact our Founder, Nancy Ruther, Ed.D.


To hold your individual spot, please register for the Explore Workshop.

Want to know more?


The CLICK Roadmap


Learn the basics, meet other interested educators from different countries, ask your questions and see how the CLICK system can work for you.

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Schedule a VE101 date for your campus.

Introduce the concept as a team effort.

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Register for a VE 101 session as individuals or groups.


Empowering great faculty with the tools needed to make CLICK projects succeed through virtual collaborative workshops with linkr Education, a bilingual, collaborative teaching platform.

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Register as individuals or groups for one of our scheduled events.

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Campus liaison team forms to support CLICK program.


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Campus leaders review and finalize teaching partner matches for the next term with Gazelle International.

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Campus team recruits second cohort of teachers to train following semester and schedules VE 101.


New and repeating teachers run CLICK projects with the wraparound support of our CLICK coaches.

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Assessments are completed providing supportive data for your program. The campus celebrates the teachers' and students’ global learning accomplishments with certificates.

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Second cohort of teachers begins CLICK system training.


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Educators from different countries get familiar with CLICK goals-based pedagogy, share their home curriculum learning goals, and explore together how collaborative and cross-cultural teaching could work for them as individuals and potential partners.

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Teachers explore partnering compatibilities as they probe and discover possible mutual CLICK learning goals. Speed-dating and rank-order preferences help match teaching partners.


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First time teaching partners learn from Gazelle International’s expertise, wealth of real-life materials, and tech-experience to design their CLICK projects together!

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Review what success looks like with CLICK Project Samples.

Ready to add yours? Contact us!

Growing with the CLICK System

The CLICK system works best in a collaborative ecosystem of institutional partners. Let us help you grow your institutional network as you grow your CLICK program along with your campus’ reputation and ability to attract great students and faculty. Starting with trust-building among faculty in CLICK training can lead to innovative, bottom up ideas as well as cement program-level initiatives such as joint degrees. With a burst of needs assessment and goal setting with our Founder, you can integrate the CLICK roadmap into your campus’ larger strategy framework and curricular goals through virtual exchange.

Institutional Partnerships: Needs Assessment and Internationalization Strategy

Developing your institutional partnerships is crucial to achieve CLICK’s promise of access for increasing numbers of students involved in global work right in your own classrooms by integrating CLICK into your campus strategy and programs. You have a global agenda but it needs to be more focused and address priorities of your campus.  Schedule a call with our founder, Dr. Nancy Ruther.

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