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Teachers Making Magic - CLICK Projects Spring23

As educators, we know the magic moment when the whole class “gets it” and everyone is energized with what they’re learning and doing. Our Spring23 CLICK cohort is definitely making magic. From the beginning, these teachers from France and the United States have displayed enthusiasm, ingenuity, and passion for creating meaningful collaborative Virtual Exchange opportunities. Their cohesiveness and collegiality has been nothing short of inspirational!

Let me share a montage of their initial design goals and plans for their CLICK Virtual Exchange projects. Remember, these are just some of the highlights...and this is just the start!

As a teacher of English for digital communications, librarianship and booksellers, “Emmy Peultier (IUT Nancy-Charlemagne, Université de Lorraine) is partnering with English teacher and honors advisor, Grant Merrill (Jefferson State Community College). They are designing a CLICK course that will help French and American students experience and articulate “A Day in the Life” of their international counterparts. Fun fact! As a student in a NY Community College, Emmy studied French in Nanterre via distance-learning.

Teaching English for multi-media and communications, Ann-Marie Sisk (IUT Nancy-Charlemagne, Université de Lorraine) and Business professor, Fred Hughes (Jefferson State Community College), are investigating and evaluating technologies that will enable their students to increase their cross-cultural competence and English language fluency through exploration of France-USA trade practices.

Elise Bodet (Logistics, IUT Lumière Lyon 2), and Nicole Colter (Business Communication, Three Rivers Community College), plan to follow their CLICK Virtual Exchange with trans-Atlantic travel grants making possible in-person exchanges between their students.

Romain Serizel (Web Development, IUT Nancy-Charlemagne, Université de Lorraine) and Shelly Miller (Dental Hygiene Pharmacology, Milwaukee Area Technical College) not only want their students to develop their online citizenship and cross-cultural competence, they will also use remote communication tools to work effectively as cross-national team mates. They are considering a capstone project where French-US student teams will build an informational channel that will help patients understand and apply “health specialist speak.

Laura Turiano (Psychology, Housatonic Community College) and Marjorie Antoni (English and Cross-cultural teacher, Director of “Le Pôle des Langues,” IUT Charlemagne, Université de Lorraine), are crafting a CLICK project in which students will examine how/which consumer emotions are targeted by advertisers in both France and the United States. Students will have to deliver oral presentations and write summaries and reflective paragraphs. Check back soon to see how this cohort puts their plans into motion! Start making your own magic and join us in Fall23 with the next great cohort of CLICK collaborating teachers.

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