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  • Nancy Ruther, EdD

We’ve FALLen in love with these Fall 2020 CLICK modules!

Fall 2020 CLICK Modules

The fall semester has been another one full of challenges, from unexpected budgeting constraints and travel restrictions to totally online classes, unpredictable hybrid classes, or another round of abrupt transitioning online and rewriting syllabi due to lockdowns. Despite these stressful situations and the numerous added responsibilities of many of our CLICK teachers, we had two full-fledged, wildly successful CLICK modules that ran this semester!

I love that the projects help my students build confidence. French students are often scared of speaking English and CLICK projects definitely help them see there is no reason to be scared. --A CLICK teacher

Below we share their goals and project descriptions.

52 students, 6 teachers, 4 campuses, 2 CLICK projects.

“Yes! Oui! Done deal. Affaire conclue”

University Partners: Housatonic Community College, CT and IUT de Cachan (Université Paris-Saclay)

Discipline (Course): Business and Entrepreneurship | English for Engineering, Management and Communication

Project Summary: International student teams navigated time zones and technologies to create a collaborative business project and designed a global product or service launch. For the capstone project, students pitched their launch ideas to the other teams.

Project Length: 11 weeks

Technology Tools: Zoom, WhatsApp, Google Classroom, Google Drive, Youtube

Team details: Teachers - 2 US, 2 FR; Students - 6 US, 6 FR



  • Cooperate in a team on collaborative writing such as email, digital communications, report writing, and social media

Intercultural Competence:

  • Engage in cross-cultural learning by recognizing, respecting, and reflecting on cultural norms

Online Citizenship:

  • Use verbal communication skills to make presentations, differentiate cultural communication norms, and resolve conflict

  • Recognize the value of cross-cultural team collaboration to create, manage, and present projects and ideas

21st Century Skills:

  • Summarize, analyze and evaluate primary and secondary research for content and validity

COVID-19-specific Skills:

  • Undertake international projects for intercultural competence development in a period when almost all travel abroad is prohibited

“E^3: Engineering Expertise Exchange”

University Partners: Middlesex Community College, CT and Polytech (Université Paris-Saclay)

Discipline (Course): Introduction to Engineering | English for Engineering

Project Summary: The US and French students interviewed one another to decide on their teams, discussing different fields of engineering and what the French students did in their companies during their apprenticeship. In international teams, students created a script for a presentation based on a topic that interested the team and ample research on that topic. For the capstone project, students recorded a video or talking PowerPoint to share their research with the other teams and reflected on how each team member helped one another in the collaboration.

Project Length: 11 weeks

Technology Tools: Blackboard Collaborate, WhatsApp, linkr Education, YouTube, Google Drive

Team details: Teachers - 1 US, 1 FR; Students - 20 US, 20 FR


Communication as Engineers:

  • Apply principles of engineering theory and oral communication skills to make explainer videos together in groups

  • Apply principles of engineering theory and written communication skills to write, review, and comment on the blogs on various engineering topics


  • Work respectfully and equitably within a small group in order to complete a multi-step project

  • Demonstrate ability to help the group manage time and deadlines to produce their assignments across time zones

Online Citizenship:

  • Create/contribute to empathetic and meaningful interaction by building on the cultural and linguistic diversity of online communication

  • Demonstrate a positive attitude towards cultural and linguistic diversity in online communication

21st Century Skills:

  • Demonstrate proficiency in 4-5 technological tools: linkr Ed, Zoom, WhatsApp, Google Docs, in order to build a project within an international team

Here's what two students had to say about their CLICK modules:

"I really enjoyed this project, it forced me to step out of my comfort zone, and do what I never thought I would do (speak publicly, work internationally, create a product). This project helped me finalize my thoughts about my future with my business degree. It made me realize I want to further my studies within international business."

"The greatest reward for me was getting to interact with people from a different country. I’ve always wanted to get to know people from Europe and get to know more about their culture. I’m glad that we were able to create a friendship and hopefully in the near future we can remain in contact and possibly meet when traveling isn’t as complicated now due to COVID. At first I was nervous to do this project but I’m glad I was able to experience this project."

Are you interested in getting started with virtual exchange and designing your own CLICK module? Register for a workshop or contact us today!

December 14, 2020


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