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Welcome New Team Members

Join Nancy Ruther in welcoming three new hires to our growing team at Gazelle International!

First up is Grace, your fearless guide through the world of CLICK. She’ll help you design awesome collaborative courses and ensure they run successfully.

Grace facilitates CLICK workshops and supports teaching partners through the design and implementation of their projects. She is a doctoral candidate in linguistic anthropology at the University of Virginia, studying language contact in one of Accra, Ghana’s immigrant neighborhoods. She attended Michigan State University for her BA (2013) in arts and humanities and Wayne State University for her MA (2016) in anthropology. She has been a teaching assistant and instructor at the university level for the past six years and enjoys nothing more than sharing her love of linguistics and anthropology with undergraduates. She has also served as an organizer and facilitator for the UVA anthropology department’s teaching and fieldwork workshops and recently completed a podcasting internship with the National Humanities Center. In her free time, Grace can be found doing just about anything outdoors, listening to a podcast, or admiring her beloved cat, Cricket.

Up next is Lu, Data Analyst extraordinaire. Her instrumental survey work keeps us laser-focused on student and teacher outcomes.

As the Data Analyst, Lu designs, distributes, and analyzes student and faculty surveys for Gazelle International. She works to improve our assessment and reporting practices. Lu is a doctoral candidate in the Chemistry department at the University of Virginia. Her work is focusing on chemistry education research to understand the barriers to disseminate learner-centered instructional practice and assess instructors’ beliefs about assessment in chemistry. She earned her Bachelor of Engineering (2014), and Master of Engineering (2017) at Xi’an Jiaotong University in China. As a research assistant, Lu conducted several projects in chemistry education by using both quantitative and qualitative methods including confirmatory factor analysis, mixture model clustering, linear regression model, and phenomenology study.

Finally, meet Stephen, our man in the field. As our sales and marketing evangelist, he is responsible for getting the word out about Gazelle’s solutions.

Stephen helps optimize Gazelle International's online presence and is responsible for promoting the company’s value proposition to institutional partners. He is currently a doctoral candidate in the department of English at the University of Virginia. For the past five years Stephen has taught courses from surveys of English literature to a seminar in comedy. He is currently in the process of completing his dissertation on early sound cinema and modernist prose. Prior to his time at UVA, Stephen worked in sales and business development at Groupon and LinkedIn, as well as education technology startup Top Hat. He graduated from Emory University in 2010 with a major in English Lit and Film Studies. When he is not expounding on Gazelle’s virtual exchange platform he is probably watching old movies and reading Virginia Woolf.

We all look forward to getting to know you. Let’s find more great ways to bring these incredible global opportunities to more students, and have fun with a creative group of educators around the world.

Contact us with any questions!

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