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Meta-Goals of CLICK

By Emily Hathaway.

Meta-goals? They’re our overarching goals for each student in virtual exchange which include intercultural competence, ability to use 21st century skills, and success in the global workforce. Here, we’ll talk about the what and why, but to see how we assess these goals, check out our article in the Journal of Virtual Exchange!

Intercultural Competence

Virtual Exchange allows students who may not have the opportunity to study abroad to create international connections. By bringing the world into the classroom, students will broaden their view of the world, other cultures, and people. More than just creating well-rounded individuals, this also helps develop their confidence and skills that will help them in the global workforce. In fact, when asked what the greatest reward from their CLICK project was, most students referenced the personal connections they made and the cross cultural insights they gained.

Global workforce

Knowing that CLICK develops intercultural competences, how do students articulate those skills to employers? Luckily, it isn’t much of a challenge. 88% of US companies say international skills matter as employees work with international customers and colleagues daily. 87% of companies are more likely to hire those who have experience in research, problem-solving and communication skills through a project, whereas only 51% say the same about students who studied abroad.

21st century skills

Our final meta-goal has become increasingly important since the start of the pandemic. Simply put: In times of COVID, these skills are not optional. Everyone needs both technology and teamwork skills. By virtue of form, CLICK projects address both. In order to work with their international partners, students must be familiar with various technologies. By the end of their project, all participants will be active global online citizens.

3March2022 @nlr51

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