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We CLICK With Engineers: International Ed Conference

Next week from October 21-23, the University of Rhode Island is hosting its 23rd Annual Colloquium on International Engineering Education (ACIEE), sponsored by the German Academic Exchange Service, DAAD. This year’s topic is “Engineering the Future”, which highlights the need for engineering education to adapt, innovate, and embrace new opportunities for international collaboration.

Gazelle International’s team - Nancy Ruther, Alexa Jeffress, Sarah Rabke, and Ankita Chakrabarti - will be attending the virtual conference and sharing ideas at the poster session. We have worked with many engineering professors and are excited to share how virtual exchange can be integrated into that curriculum. Our case samples highlight collaborations between two engineering classes as well as interdisciplinary projects that combine with fields as different as art. Take a look at two case samples below to learn more about these virtual exchange projects.

CLICK Project: “Communicating in Color: Artists and Engineers”, Fall 2019

University Partners: University of Paris-Saclay, IUT Cachan, France and Tunxis Community College, Connecticut, USA

Discipline (Course): Art (USA) and English for Electronics and Electrical Engineering (France)

Project Summary: Students worked in cross-national teams and created a color-related question that they wanted to explore, ideally with an international focus. Then they designed and carried-out an experiment to answer their question.

Project Length: 12 weeks - full semester

Technology Tools: Linkr Education, Zoom, Whatsapp, Google Docs, Prezi


  • Produce a final “color project” that demonstrates how artists and engineers use color in different cultural and professional settings.

  • Collaboration - Works respectfully and equitably within a small group in order to complete a multi-step project; Demonstrates ability to help the group manage time and deadlines to produce their assignments across time zones

  • Online Citizenship - Creates/contributes to empathetic and meaningful interaction by building on the cultural and linguistic diversity of on-line communication; Demonstrates a positive attitude towards cultural and linguistic diversity in on-line communication

  • Effective Use of Technology - Demonstrates proficiency in 4-5 technological tools: LinkR Ed, Zoom, Whatsapp, Google Docs and possibly Prezi, in order to build a project within an international team.

Highlights: Mathilde planned to visit Carianne in March 2020. Carianne planned to visit France in Summer 2020. *Both canceled to due COVID-19

CLICK Project: “Working like an International Engineer: Connecticut and France”, Fall 2019

University Partners: University of Lorraine, IUT Nancy-Brabois, France and Norwalk Community College, Connecticut, USA

Discipline (Course): Mechanical Engineering (all sides), CT- Introduction to Engineering, FR - Third semester course

Project Summary: Students identified a current problem that engineering could solve, eg. how to keep your coffee hot or stop your phone charging cable from breaking. Teams worked on designing and testing a solution to their chosen problem using engineering principles and methods.

Project Length: 12 weeks - full semester

Technology Tools: Linkr Education, Zoom, email, FaceTime, paper log book in the classroom


  • In completing this project, students will demonstrate how engineering principles can be used to solve real-world problems

  • Demonstrate the ability to work in a cross-national team and to communicate complex ideas

  • Rationalize and present solutions to problems using technology and knowledge from business humanities, social sciences, mathematics and science disciplines

Highlights: Three all-teams, whole class synchronous meetings to review, critique project progress and final designs; French students acted as design consultants, supporting the CT students’ design and fabrication efforts; Design and build solutions to day to day problems

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October 15, 2020

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