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  • Nancy Ruther, EdD

That's a Wrap! Spring '21 CLICK Modules

In the Spring 2021 semester, teachers faced "Zoom fatigue," and a need for continued flexibility with changing COVID-19 regulations. Our twelve CLICK teachers worked indefatigably to facilitate an international experience for their students--and to bring them some relief and positive, encouraging relationships with new friends across four countries. We are thrilled to share a summary of the six wonderfully innovative Spring '21 CLICK modules.

The greatest reward [of this CLICK module] is the ability to meet people across the country and make lasting friendships. I want to visit France and this project made me want to do so even more and learn about their lifestyle and culture further. --A Spring '21 CLICK student

6 CLICK modules, 172 students, 12 teachers, 4 countries, 9 campuses. Read on for their goals and project descriptions!

"Défi Gourmand/Gourmet Challenge"

University Partners: Green River College (US), IUT de Cachan (Paris-Saclay, FR)

Discipline (Course): Intermediate French, English for Engineering

Project Summary: In international teams, students in France and the U.S. will produce a joint video about cooking and food, with the goal of exposing students to the history of food and the cultural perceptions of cooking and buying food.

Project Length: 10 weeks



  • Work respectfully and equitably within a small group in order to complete a multi-step project

Project and Time Management

  • Demonstrate the ability to create a cooking show proposal, goals, purpose, plan, outline (or script), film and create a final cut.

  • Manage time and deadlines to produce their assignments across time zones

  • Produce a joint French/American cooking show

  • Learn to work autonomously

Intercultural Competence and Online Citizenship:

  • Creates/contributes to empathetic and meaningful interaction by building on the cultural and linguistic diversity of on-line communication

  • Demonstrates a positive attitude towards cultural and linguistic diversity in on-line communication

Effective Use of Technology:

  • Demonstrates proficiency in 4-5 technological tools

"(Re)Programming Cultural Awareness"

University Partners: Waukesha County Technical College (US), Prepa UDEM (MX)

Discipline (Course): IT/Web Development, Intercultural Competence

Project Summary: Students designed a set of travel-guide websites that will help Mexican high school students prepare to enter their study abroad site successfully. The websites contained tips and tricks anticipating and navigating their cultural differences and possible cultural-shock during their exchange in US, Germany, France, Canada and New Zealand.

Project Length: 10 weeks



  • Work across different fields and navigate interdisciplinary group dynamics to create a real-world product and service for students at PREPA or other sites in Mexico

  • Work respectfully and equitably within a small group in order to complete a multi-step project by committing to constant communication with their counterpart

  • Manage time and deadlines to produce their assignments

  • Able to function effectively within the mutually dependent roles of customer and developer

Intercultural Competence:

  • Use the Hofstede Insights to develop vocabulary consistently in their own work on the project with the teams

  • Demonstrate growth and a better understanding of cultural differences and similarities, stereotypes between the México and the target travel site in order to increase student's cross-cultural sensitivity

  • Break stereotypes or misconceptions from Mexico, United States and other countries

Online Citizenship and Technology

  • Understand and apply appropriate rules for accessibility and privacy in website development.

"The Impact of National Culture on Website Design"

University Partners: Northwestern Connecticut CC (US), IUT de Sceaux (Paris-Saclay FR)

Discipline (Course): Business/Marketing, Business/Marketing

Project Summary: In international teams, students in two business classes analyzed the websites for Sony, Red Bull, Victoria's Secret, Hilton, Lancôme and Louis Vuitton. Together, they identified best practices, made comparisons between websites, and offered recommendations for improvement and presented their findings in a final presentation.

Project Length: 11 weeks


Collaboration and Online Citizenship:

  • Work effectively in a cross-national team, managing time zones and international communication technologies to produce a final team project


  • Be able to understand different terminology used across countries

Intercultural Competence:

  • Determine and analyze the differences between effective practices in website design in France and the US

  • Improve the current website with the improvement recommendations, comparing best practices in the host country and other countries

"iGen Global Banking"

University Partners: Housatonic CC (US), IUT de Sceaux (Paris-Saclay, FR)

Discipline (Course): Marketing, English for Marketing

Project Summary: International teams of students in the US and France designed a financial institution that could best serve global, cross-cultural college students. After planning products, services, and pricing, they collaborated on a live video presentation using PowerPoint to share their plans with other student groups and instructors.

Project Length: 9 weeks



  • Work respectfully and equitably within a small group in order to complete a multi-step project.

  • Demonstrate ability to help the group manage time and deadlines to produce their assignments across time zones.

Intercultural Competence and Online Citizenship:

  • Demonstrate a positive attitude towards cultural and linguistic diversity in online communication

  • Create/contribute to empathetic and meaningful interaction by building on the cultural and linguistic diversity of on-line communication.

21st Century Skills:

  • Show appropriate use of information resources.

  • Demonstrate proficiency in 4-5 technological tools (Zoom, WhatsApp, and Google Docs, PowerPoint, for example) in order to build a project within an international team.

  • Show an effective and accurate use of language and technology.

Discipline-specific skills:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of marketing and financial institutions and managing your own finance.

"Reading Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere"

University Partners: Tunxis CC (US), IUT de Cachan (Paris-Saclay FR)

Discipline (Course): British Literature, English

Project Summary:

Original plan: Two English courses worked together virtually in international teams on analyzing a novel. They read, discussed, and completed a group capstone project on the novel "Neverwhere" by Neil Gaiman. The teamwork not only enhanced their understanding of the novel but also helped them develop critical thinking and intercultural interactions.

Adapted plan: Due to disruptions from Covid, the instructors simplified the plans, and moved to whole class discussions on the novel. Students completed posts and responded to classmates on 3 posts.

Project Length: 13 weeks



  • Gain confidence and improve communication skills.


  • Respectfully and skillfully interact with partners abroad.

  • Improve interpersonal awareness and collaboration with other visions, cultures, and ideas.

Intercultural Competence:

  • Understand behaviors and communication patterns.

  • Learn from exchanges, whether successful or unsuccessful, frustrating or fulfilling.

21st Century Skills:

  • Understand how local and virtual environments influence each other.

  • Develop critical thinking regarding intercultural relations, contemporary issues in society, and different cultures.

Discipline-Specific Skills:

  • Develop one’s knowledge about relevant literary genres, history, and aesthetics as to apply them to critical readings of the text.

  • Improve synthesis skills during discussions and activities.

  • Write an essay reusing the ideas, vocabulary, and complex structures seen in class and structure ideas according to a specific outline.

"United in Diversity"

University Partners: Waukesha County Technical College (US), ROC Midden Nederland (NL)

Discipline (Course): Global Business, Business/Marketing

Project Summary: International business students in the US and the Netherlands studied cultural differences in the advertising of global businesses. After researching both countries’ client-related behaviors, rules and legislation, and the dos and don’ts of advertising for each market, students collaborated to create a PechaKucha presentation to synthesize the information learned to their peers and instructors.

Project Length: 4 weeks


Intercultural Competence:

  • Develop intercultural communication and teamwork skills

  • Analyze cultural differences in advertising

Technology and 21st Century Skills:

  • Explain research with a Pecha Kucha presentation

Here's what some students had to say about the greatest reward from participating in their CLICK modules:

Learning how to come together as one to finish the project, despite the circumstances.

I enjoyed reading the different opinions/perceptions that each of us can have from a same theme, situation, or image (in this case form the novel). Thus, each opportunity that I have to interact with multicultural people widens my standpoint.

In response to the question, "Has your experience in CLICK and working in international, cross-cultural teams influenced your perspective or beliefs regarding issues in your home country or your own campus?" one student responded,

Well, I always perceived the U.S as the most multicultural nation; however, I noticed that many of our French partners in this project were immigrants too, So, now, I think that Europe (like the U.S) may have the same social issues regarding to acceptance and rejection to diversity as a whole.

In a difficult semester, students developed their intercultural competencies, honed their project management and time management skills, broadened their perspectives, and made valuable connections around the world... or at least across four countries!

Are you interested in getting started with virtual exchange and designing your own CLICK module? Is your campus or program ready to start CLICKing this Fall or in Spring '22? Please contact us today about workshop offerings this summer, or schedule a time to talk with our Founder.

June 10, 2021


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