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Explore Virtual Exchange With Us!

Join our Explorers Workshop to learn more about Virtual Exchange and our approach, Click: Collaborative Learning for International Capabilities and Knowledge. Our founder, Dr. Nancy Ruther will lead the workshop. Come and ask her all your questions!

We will be offering three sets of Explorers Workshops this summer. The first Explorers Workshop is on June 15, 17, and 19 at 12:30 EDT (GMT-4). There will also be opportunities to participate in the next Explorers Workshop in July and August. Check here for the next set of dates and to find more information on cost. Register to join us! Bring a colleague or have them join us in July or August.

All are welcome! We particularly encourage the following individuals to participate and learn the basics of Virtual Exchange: Teachers, Deans, International Education staff, Instructional, library and technology staff. All who want to expand and improve their internationalization efforts at the class, department, curricular or institutional level are encouraged to join!

Explorers Workshop, Session 1: We will answer common questions as well as your specific questions in an interactive session with Gazelle International expert facilitators - What is Virtual Exchange (VE)? How does it work on campus? Can any teacher run a VE/Click project? Is class-to-class VE the only way? What do teachers say about it? How will our students benefit? Does it replace or combine with study abroad/mobility?

Explorers Workshop, Session 2: We explore the principal learning goals for classroom based Virtual Exchange, taking into account the many layers and facets. Participants will see how curriculum and pedagogy align with the meta-goals of VE and Click's global learning. Discover how virtually any field of study can succeed with our approach to VE/Click.

Explorers Workshop, Session 3: We explore the fundamentals of co-teaching and collaborative, project based learning. We will explore the keys to good teaching partnerships with discussion and action-learning. By the end, participants will be better able to decide if they are ready to take the next steps and start "Click'ing."

See the graphic below for an overview of our services for both institutions and individuals:

May 26, 2020

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