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One Size Does Not Fit All!

Ever been frustrated by an article or blog post in which the author keeps harping on problems but stops short of offering practical solutions? Me too. Thankfully, this is not that kind of blog!

Teachers and administrators around the world grapple with the challenges of educating diverse groups of students. In CLICK/Virtual Exchange, they work with a doubly diverse set of students from two different countries teaching both cultural competence and content knowledge. They need practical, actionable, and measurable strategies to meet that challenge. They want guidance and concrete examples that will get students excited, help them meet both their own and students' expectations, and be active participants in authentic, transparent, and meaningful evaluation of their outcomes. Our CLICK training draws on five years of teachers' materials plus fine-tuning our approach with faculty and student insights from pre/post project surveys and day to day working observations and conversations.

Check out the graphic below. It shows how a CLICK collaborative teaching team handled those challenges in their own original CLICK project with diverse students in Wisconsin, USA and Utrecht, The Netherlands. Do you notice anything to integrate into your "teaching toolbox"? Does it suggest other solutions to you? Yes? Then come join us as we bring together amazing teachers from different countries and work together to build Virtual Exchange experiences for all of our students!

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