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  • Nancy Ruther, EdD

Hear from our Teaching Partners in France

Two of our CLICK teaching partners in France, Mathilde Svab and Marjorie Antoni, share their insights in an interview with Katrin Gebhard following an introduction from our Founder, Nancy Ruther. Mathilde and Marjorie are truly the “Gazelles”, taking the lead, innovating, and sharing their lessons with colleagues. We’re excited to publish their answers. For the full video, CLICK here, where they explored three questions in more depth,

Only have a minute? Then listen now as they discuss Question #1! 👇

Come back soon for Questions #2 and #3.

Question #1: How does virtual exchange impact teaching? “It makes our teaching situation more authentic.” “It’s an opportunity to discover new ways of relating to students.”

Are you ready to start your own Virtual Exchange? Please see our workshop schedule. Join us in the Fall23 cohort of teachers from France, the USA, and other countries. You will work with other engaged teachers like Mathilde and Marjorie, match with your own partner, and together design your CLICK virtual exchange project ready to run in the Spring24 semester. Pairs of teachers from the same campus are particularly welcome to enroll. Interested in a cohort of 4 or more teachers? Please contact our Founder,

Twitter: @nlr51


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