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First Generation Students & CLICK

Over at Gazelle International, we are committed to analyzing data so we can improve our CLICK Virtual Exchange services and identify new opportunities. One of our exciting recent findings involves a group of students that stand to benefit greatly from our services: First Generation Students (FGS).

FGS are current college students whose parents did not receive a post-secondary school degree. Many studies of FGS suggest that they lack awareness of the social and economic benefits of attending college, and are less likely to seek opportunities outside of the classroom. However, our assessment data suggests that they are actually in a great position to get the most out of CLICK Virtual Exchange!

Take a trip with us down data-lane and see what we found:

In our first results from 123 students last Spring, ~16% identified as FGS.

Before each CLICK virtual exchange project begins, we assess the preparedness of students for the technological aspect of the CLICK program. Student responses to the statement: "I feel prepared for the technology demands of the CLICK learning modules component of this course" rendered some interesting results. Their average response of FGS (4.15/5) actually exceeded that of the non-FGS surveyed!

At the same time, FGS and non-FGS essentially mirrored each other in their confidence that cross-cultural exchange will prepare them for the global workforce (4.3/5 and 4.29 respectively).

These findings tell us that FGS are not only quite confident in their technological skills, but they are just as enthusiastic as non-FGS about CLICK's potential to prepare them for their professional careers! In short, a look at the data counters conventional wisdom and tells us that FGS are well-positioned to get the most out of Virtual Exchange!

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