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Gazelle International Annual Report 2022

Gazelle International has been working with community colleges, universities, and secondary

schools to develop comprehensive international education initiatives since 2017. We have grown exponentially since then and want to share the global impacts of our work to date.

In the course of our growth since 2017, we have connected over 1600 students and 100 teachers in Connecticut, Wisconsin, Illinois, Washington, Massachusetts, Alabama, Texas, and Florida in the USA to partners in France, the Netherlands, and Mexico. We hope that teachers, college deans, presidents, and instructional design and faculty development teams may find this report inspiring. By seeing the value of virtual exchange overall and being reassured of the feasibility of developing and growing it, they will be ready to integrate this global workforce and internationalization strategy into their campuses and classrooms.

CLICK by the Numbers 2022
CLICK by the Numbers 2022

Virtual exchange is at the heart of Gazelle International's mission. We connect classrooms in the USA and abroad while consulting with faculty, campus leadership, virtual exchange program presidents, and instructional design and faculty development teams, with solid pedagogy foundations and administrators to build lasting partnerships, train teachers and explore options to fund and advance further global strategies and internationalization. Our goal is to create a seamless onramp to a sustainable and scalable virtual exchange program with solid pedagogy foundations.

2022 CLICK Partners Diagram

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