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Crazy busy? Us too!

Quick updates from Gazelle

Spring term is always crazy busy, isn’t it? In old-fashioned “telegraph style,” let us share our CLICK-Virtual Exchange updates for Spring 22 and the upcoming year.

Spring 22 Projects

The 13 currently running CLICK projects are wrapping up nicely. Some are already finished! We’re hard at work making sure all 33 of our teachers and their 472 students are recognized with certificates for their achievements! Be sure to keep an eye out for future blog posts to learn what results these CLICKing classes were able to produce!

Survey Results

With the completion of their projects also comes more feedback for us and our partners! Survey responses have been rolling in from both students and teachers. Here’s a taste of what we’ve received so far. We’ll share more once all our projects have finished.

  • “I really enjoyed it, I wish other teachers and staff in high school or even in college classes did CLICK projects because they are so much fun and very fun to experience and getting to know people and their cultures.” - An American Student

  • “The biggest reward was that knowledge that I gained from people in a different country than me. It was nice to hear from them and it made the world not seem so big.” - An American Student

  • CLICK “enriched me personally on a human level.” - A French Student

  • “It pushed me out of my comfort zone in a good way, I would do it again.” - A French Student

  • “The students were able to have a snapshot of life and experiences from a firsthand perspective.” - An American Teaching Partner

  • A French Teaching Partner on the one thing they would do differently? “I would have had more click projects this year!”

New CLICK Projects in Design

We have four teams who are returning from spring break to complete the designs of their CLICK projects. We look forward to supporting them as they start CLICKing in the new school year. We have quite a mix of interdisciplinary magic with this cohort, including emerging collaborations between art and engineering, business/law and engineering, as well as ESL (English as a Second Language) with English for IT and French language. While projects are still evolving, final projects might just involve podcasts, virtual museums, and career-oriented informational interviews. Stay tuned to see what our wonderful teachers come up with this time!

Ways to start CLICKing yourself

Speaking of workshops, we also have a few upcoming dates for VE 101, our introductory event to get answers to your questions about how CLICK works. Be sure to register here soon for our events on either 5 May or 9 June! Once you have your feet on the ground, we’d love for you to join an Explore workshop to meet with other interested teachers and imagine how you might CLICK. Then, stay for Connect to make a match! After completing the Design workshop together in Fall 22, you and your partner will be ready to start CLICKing with students in the Spring! Check out the workshop schedule!

New Members

Last, but certainly not least, we’re welcoming new members onto the Gazelle team! We have a new board member and a new Virtual Learning Liaison lined up for the fall. Their information will be up on the website as we finish up our spring cleaning!

Emily Hathaway

26 Apr 2022

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