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Community College and France?

Yes, France wants you, the community college student! Summer boot camps, various dates between May 25- July 19, 2020. Application process is open! Deadline for the first round of applications is February 17, 2020. Don’t miss this!

If you have ever dreamed about visiting France this is your opportunity! And beyond the mere tourist sightseeing, you can actually take a class in the French counterpart of a community college and visit French businesses to learn about their inner workings. The French Embassy in the United States provides this opportunity specifically to you!

The French Embassy in the United States invites community college students to apply to the academic bootcamp program that will allow selected applicants not only to participate in an innovative academic program but also to discover first hand French culture and business practices!

What you need to know

  • Bootcamps are designed specifically for the US community college students;

  • 5 bootcamps in STEM and in Humanities are being offered in in the summer of 2020 (but one of them – “Sport and sustainable development”, is open only to community college students from Los Angeles Community College District);

  • Duration of 2020 bootcamps ranges between 14 to 20 days;

  • Some bootcamps start as early as May 25, 2020; other in late June-early July.

How much will it cost you?

The program fee is $1000 plus airfare. The program fee covers basic meals and accommodations, as well as all activities.

See your faculty adviser to see if there is any additional funding support on your campus.

Attention Connecticut Community College Students! College of Technology and Regional Center for Next Generation Manufacturing (COT-RCNGM) offers you supplemental funding provided by the National Science Foundation to cover the $1000 bootcamp tuition and airfare! Thus, your trip to France will be fully-funded with the exception of personal items and activities outside of the program! To be eligible for this supplemental funding you must be either enrolled in College of Technology or have participated in CLICKs program, a virtual exchange program implemented by Connecticut Community Colleges with the assistance of Gazelle International. Learn how to apply here.

What you need to remember

Mark your calendars, there are two application deadlines:

  • First selection batch: February 17, 2020

  • Second selection batch: March 16, 2020

How to apply? Three easy steps:

1. Submit short application form.

2. Send your letters of motivation (one per each bootcamp) and a copy of academic transcript to the French Embassy Higher Education Program officer Mathilde Labregere at

3. Ask your community college to nominate you officially by sending an email to Mathilde Labregere at

Best of luck!

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