Would you like all students to participate in meaningful global engagement?  Then leverage existing resources to design impactful and affordable international experiences through CLICK!

Gazelle International’s Virtual Exchange services are a force-multiplier to achieve the full power of your internationalization strategy. Whether president or professor, dean, or instructional designer, we can help you reach more students, more deeply and less expensively with our CLICK (Collaborative Learning for International Capabilities and Knowledge) program. 

Gazelle International offers five core Virtual Exchange services focused on teachers and teaching partners.  These are also the building blocks for your institution to start Click’ing as part of your internationalization strategy. 


CLICK a Turnkey System for your campus.  Our founder works with your campus team to fit virtual exchange to your needs and goals. You learn by doing until you take off! 

CLICK is a unique way to start small and think big for internationalizing Connecticut community colleges. The whole CLICK team works a bit of magic to match our French colleagues with relevant counterparts.  Nancy’s energy, imagination, and capacity to identify viable solutions are definitely at the core of this success story.



--Katrin Gebhard, Higher Education Attaché,

Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the United States

Nancy Ruther introduces you to CLICK in the video below.

Get a feel for our work! Here are examples of our past CLICK projects. We join educators striving for an intercultural mindset, driving toward global knowledge and 21st-century skills. CLICK is inspired by and contributes to the research on virtual exchange and globally networked learning. 

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