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Whether president or professor, dean or teacher, we can help you reach more students, more deeply and less expensively with our CLICK system - Collaborative Learning for International Capabilities and Knowledge. Gazelle International’s services are a force-multiplier to achieve the full power of your internationalization strategy.


Our CLICK system helps you reach your virtual exchange program goals. Our three primary services combine with high value advising expertise to provide flexible, cost-efficient solutions. Training lays the foundation for teacher and student success. The CLICK network supports the on-going learning community of teachers and global partners. Assessment measures results and guides adjustment and improvement of our own and our clients’ work. Take a quick tour. 


CLICK is a unique way to start small and think big for internationalizing Connecticut community colleges. The whole CLICK team works a bit of magic to match our French colleagues with relevant counterparts.  Nancy’s energy, imagination, and capacity to identify viable solutions are definitely at the core of this success story.

--Katrin Gebhard, Higher Education Attaché,

Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the United States

Training. Any teacher can create a successful CLICK project with the right training and support! Our highly effective training helps you avoid first-time mistakes and roadblocks to run a project smoothly from start to finish. Our three core training workshops - Explore, Connect, and Design - empower teachers to create rewarding collaborative learning opportunities for students right in their own classes. The strength of our training shows in our results with teachers who are highly satisfied with our workshops. Plus, 95% of teachers in our CLICK system who completed their first project will repeat a CLICK project in a future semester! 


  • Explore Workshop. Learn the basics of virtual exchange. Find out how it can work for you. Decide to start CLICKing. For teachers and campus leadership. 


  • Connect Workshop. Teachers connect with other teachers. Learn the keys to collaborative virtual exchange teaching, how to develop a mutual CLICK learning plan. Make a match on shared goals. For teachers seeking CLICK partners.


  • Design Workshop. Teaching partners design their CLICK project together! They leave the workshop ready to run the project. Tap our expertise and wealth of materials throughout the process. For teachers with partners.

The CLICK Network. Join a vibrant learning and teaching community.  Enjoy facilitated support before, during, and after each CLICK project. Both first-timers and experienced CLICK teachers find new partners, explore new teaching ideas, get help troubleshooting from peers, and enjoy special events and resources.  We provide a seamless collaborative learning environment with linkr Education, a bilingual, GDPR-compliant platform, for our CLICK Network and training workshops. 


Assessment. How do we know our services work? We ask the people that matter! We ask students, faculty, and program leadership.  Since our first CLICK project, our pre- and post-project surveys and comparative analysis over time have revealed student, faculty, and program results against key metrics. Teachers adapt their next CLICK project or present at conferences. Program leaders advocate for resources and secure new grants. We share our results and hone our program with the larger virtual exchange and international education community at conferences.

Individual teachers or small groups of teachers, please visit the INDIVIDUAL tab for open-enrollment registration, schedules, and pricing options. For larger groups and program or campus needs, please see the INSTITUTIONAL tab for illustrations and types of services. 

Nancy Ruther introduces you to CLICK in the video below.