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CLICK: A Virtual Exchange System

Collaborative Learning for International Capabilities and Knowledge - CLICK is a name, an action verb and shorthand for our goals. It is Gazelle International’s name for our virtual exchange system. And if you’re curious about our non-profit’s name, check our story about Gazelle International’s origins and the inspiration for its name.

But why CLICK? CLICK places goals at the heart of our work and drives all of our virtual exchange efforts. We help teachers craft collaborative learning goals for their students. We measure what matters for our students in a CLICK module with global, team and cross-cultural learning goals. We help colleges and universities set and reach their institutional and internationalization goals. So, it makes sense that our system’s name stems from the goals we want students to be able to achieve by participating in virtual exchange - Collaborative Learning for International Capabilities and Knowledge.

Technology, online, virtual? Yes, we use many tools and formats but they do not define us. As international educators, we treasure our personal and social connections. Our teacher training and program support uses action-learning and promotes problem-based teaching. Technology is a means for reaching our learning and program goals. We certainly value the benefits that learning new technology tools can have for student engagement, employability, and communication. CLICK adds even more, helping students reach cross-cultural expertise and confidence in their growing global knowledge. With great respect for all of the many names for virtual exchange programs, we are pleased to share CLICK and hope you share our approach and philosophy.

Teachers and students love our CLICK system, and we welcome the opportunity to CLICK with you, too! Find out more about our approach to virtual exchange through an Explorers Workshop or by contacting us today.

August 14, 2020

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