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Celebrate our Similarities...AND Differences!

While looking over the work created by our diverse groups of CLICK teachers, I was struck by the interconnectedness and ingenuity they demonstrate. Differences in language, personalities, and subject matter can all present potential roadblocks in a teaching partnership. Undaunted, these teachers choose to find and celebrate their commonalities AND their differences exemplifying collegiality and cooperation in action.

If you aren't sure why many, many Americans celebrate the life of Martin Luther King Jr., here's a quick clip that helps explain--

In the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, let’s all commit to celebrate our similarities AND differences!

Take a look at the teacher-created avatars below. Notice how these teachers creatively bridge differences and model collaborative problem-solving. By doing so, they experience growth in their own teaching and enhance the student experience! Here at Gazelle International, we want to support YOU as you create unique, one-of-a-kind opportunities for your students.

"Beyond the Gates"

This project investigates and compares the needs for and ways to support and motivate parental engagement in schools in Alabama and the Pyrenees region of France.

"Enhancing Possibilities"

This project calls for students to demonstrate the health care application connections between physical therapy and electrical engineering, specifically in the use of assistive technology/remote health monitoring in Alabama, US and Lorraine, FR.

"Nursing Practices--Any Differences?"

This project gives nursing and health-care students a unique way to understand another culture. Students will compare/contrast first aid and emergency procedures in Alabama, US and Lorraine, FR.

"🤪 ¿Cómo te sientes hoy?🤔

The Language of Emojis and Memes to Express Real life in Mexico and Connecticut.”

This project uses the language of emojis to help students understand and improve intercultural communication.

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