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  • Nancy Ruther, EdD

CLICK Workshop Series: A Success!

The Spring 2020 CLICK Workshop Series was a success! Our Explorer’s and Design Workshops spanned 7 sessions and fully prepared teachers to implement the virtual exchange module they created.

Here we share the results from our post-workshop evaluations. Even through the uncertainty of COVID-19 and the shift to teaching online, our CLICK teachers remained committed to developing new experiences for their students by designing a virtual exchange module for the fall semester. Together, Gazelle International and the CLICK teachers have accomplished quite a lot through our workshops.

100% of participants said that the workshop series was “very helpful”, 80% reported it was “very engaging” and 20% that it was “engaging”.

Cross-cultural and team building skills:

When asked, “Do you feel ready to integrate cross-cultural learning into your CLICK project? In other words, are you prepared to foster cross-cultural learning experiences for your students?” Teachers responded:

When asked, “Do you feel prepared to support your international student teams during the CLICK project through team building activities?” Teachers responded:

Some of our teachers reported that they made new friendships and professional connections that they will continue to maintain beyond the workshop series (50% yes, 50% maybe). All teachers remained happy with their teaching partner throughout the duration of the workshop series. We know that they will work together well to create a great international and cross-cultural learning experience for their students.

Gazelle International's Support

When asked, “How important would it be for you and your teaching partner to have access to Gazelle International's advice and resources to succeed with your CLICK project?” Teachers responded:

When asked, “How was the support you received outside of the workshop sessions? (via WhatsApp messages, Linkr responses, emails)” Teachers responded:

Finally, all participants reported that they had a (mostly) complete syllabus for their CLICK project by the end of the workshop. They are excited to bring the plan to life with their students in Fall 2020.

We are proud of the success of our CLICK system and Workshop Series, and we thank all of our wonderful CLICK teachers for their continued passion, participation and support. We gratefully acknowledge the support of the CT College of Technology, RCNGM and our French partners.

To the left: Karen Birch (CT COT), Alexa Jeffress (Click workshop facilitator), Nancy Ruther (Principal & Founder of Gazelle Intl and workshop facilitator)

Would you like to join us for our next Workshop Series? Contact us today! We have new offerings coming this summer.

May 19, 2020

Blog post by Alexa Jeffress

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