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Founded by Dr. Nancy L. Ruther in 2016, Gazelle International’s CLICK virtual exchange (VE) program delivers opportunities for collaborative teaching and learning for globally partnered educators and students of all backgrounds. Connecting classrooms across countries, this affordable, online international learning program uses creative curricula to empower teaching cohorts whose cross-national student teams produce projects through course content, technology, collaboration, and wide-ranging 21st-century skills.  That's your key to globally ready graduates!

CLICK prepares graduates by strengthening cross-cultural skills and digital fluency promoting and advancing inclusivity, to successfully navigate a globally connected world and workforce.

Let us help you open the virtual exchange door for your students. Gazelle International with Dr. Ruther’s expertise and our CLICK/VE approach offers:

  1. Expert curriculum design, flexible, targeted training, for students, faculty and trainers to expand the potential within the existing for-credit curriculum and learning goals

  2. Tailored program results with tested comparative surveys, and pre and post assessments for institutions and leadership teams. 

  3. Internationalization strategy, needs assessment and advising drawing on Dr. Ruther’s deep experience in multiple locations and campuses worldwide.

Internationalization Through Locally-Based Global Education

The Four Tenets of CLICK Virtual Exchange


Online, collaborative cross-cultural classroom learning experiences meeting current curriculum goals "plus." All led by your own faculty with international faculty partners.


Students work collaboratively in cross-national teams online to complete modules and jointly produce capstone products for credit in their home courses. Access for any enrolled student.


Faculty in different countries, in the same or different disciplines, jointly design and co-teach a shared CLICK-VE module connecting students in their credit-bearing home-courses.


Duration matches shared learning goals. The typical CLICK VE module is 4-15 weeks within the collaborating teachers' home courses in one semester

Hear from Dr. Ruther - Why CLICK Matters

Gazelle International empowers innovative colleges and creative faculty to develop all students’ capacity to thrive in our globally networked society and workforce. Through virtual exchange, faculty connect their classrooms enabling students to use technology, team work, and cross-cultural skills to produce a final cross-national project. Study abroad reaches too few of our students, especially in our community and technical colleges worldwide. We can do better! Listen as Dr. Ruther shares her passion for CLICK virtual exchange and its important role in producing many more globally ready graduates.

With our turnkey system CLICK - Collaborative Learning  for International Capabilities and Knowledge -  educational leaders can deploy our tested action framework to move from zero to success with virtual exchange in as little as one year. 

Training & support for effective cross-cultural collaboration.

Enhance international curriculum and


Gain the skills to prepare you for success in the global workplace.

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See How CLICK Works and Teachers say "Why We CLICK"

CLICK Workshops help teachers “find concrete footing for VE and does not require a complete overhaul of individual teaching processes while bringing in some fresh air to years-old practices.”

~ IUT Nancy-Brabois, Université de Lorraine Faculty Member


We look forward to staying in touch!

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