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“Reading Our Way To Sustainability” Spring 2022

Students produced work on a subtheme to understand sustainability and produced a Pecha Kucha presentation. Inspired by the poetry of Native American John Ridge and American realism works by Rebecca Harding Davis, Elizabeth Stoddard, Samuel Clemmens, and Abraham Cahan, students discussed 21st century sustainable trading models of food, wealth, labor, natural resources, and manufactured goods. Students present in English but their work is accessible to multilingual audiences.
• Synchronous meet-ups were a success, students enjoyed getting to know each other in break out rooms with ice-breaker tasks.
• Students journaled their reflections periodically in a “carnet de bord”, or travel log, and wrote a letter to future students giving tips and advice.
• Group presentations followed by Q&A were carried out at the end of the project and were open to outside attendees.

Project Gallery

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