Gazelle International, our non-profit corporation, works with non-profits and other organizations focused on overseas development and higher education, seeking ways technology can help deliver and amplify results.  

  • Our principal, Nancy Ruther, guided a small family foundation in California through its start-up phase over two years, developing its advisory group and first two rounds of funding focused on women’s education and livelihoods improvement in the Middle East and Indonesia, helping with its transition to more formal governance and shifting to serve on its group of advisors. Please CLICK HERE to read about our work with the Amanat Trust (formerly The Amanat Family Foundation), a non-governmental organization making a difference in social justice and gender equality in Jordan, Afghanistan and Indonesia among others.

  • Nancy serves as Senior Consultant with Kasalba International, digital connectivity advisors, on curriculum development and higher education, providing advice and consulting for donor-funded projects with a higher education focus in developing, emerging and mid-market countries.

    • Recent proposals include developing an university ICT cluster with a faculty Chair and Masters program for executive and traditional students to provide talent to build innovation and market connections in the small and medium enterprise ICT sector of Belarus.

We advise on mission, strategy, board and program development.

We link you with internationally engaged groups and individuals.

We harnesses technology to bend the cost curves of international education and increase access.