Institutional Services

Let us help you imagine and build your virtual exchange program.  Ask us about advising, customized training, assessment services, and other ways our founder and expert team can help you meet your international education goals. 

  • Start a CLICK Virtual Exchange program on your campus.

  • Tap virtual exchange as an extender strategy to mobility (ed abroad and international student) programs and internationalizing your curriculum.

  • Create a Turnkey Project for introducing virtual exchange on your campus. You learn by doing until you take off!​

  • Develop curriculum and pedagogies to make virtual exchange work with your faculty and resources.

  • Re-position global partners from research or mobility to classroom collaborations with virtual exchange.

  • Measure your results with our tested virtual exchange assessment tools for students and faculty.

  • Engage faculty who are newly-familiar with techno-pedagogy since the Covid pandemic to expand your international education with a virtual exchange option.

  • Reach students currently outside the global programs of your campus, e.g. first-generation, minority students who can attend class but not travel.

  • Target and secure grant funding to develop your international education program and virtual exchange programs with classroom and peer group-based approaches.

Consider examples of how our training, network, assessment, and targeted advisory services and expertise can help you meet your program and institutional challenges.  Please contact us to schedule an exploratory conversation with our Founder, Nancy Ruther, about how we can most effectively support your goals.  

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Institutional Projects Underway

A turnkey system for virtual exchange. 

Waukesha County Technical College expands its existing global engagement program. Underway since Fall 2020.

  • Goals. Expand student access to global opportunities. Increase faculty able to participate in global engagement.  Add new global partners for virtual and live exchange. Begin internationalizing the curriculum. Manage VE program with existing administrative, curriculum, and faculty support systems.

  • Services. Advising to align VE with current and expanded goals and create a roadmap for implementation with leadership. Partnership development with current and new colleges abroad. Customized faculty-leadership training package with Explore, Connect, Design Workshops, and CLICK network. Full assessment package with student, faculty, and program components.

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A start-up strategy for virtual exchange. 

Connecticut Community Colleges, College of Technology created as start-up international program “CT CLICKs” (see Results Report).  Underway since Fall 2017.

  • Goals: Create a first-ever internationalization program with virtual exchange plus mobility for the Connecticut Community Colleges (CCC). Focus on engineering and technology fields as a priority with related disciplines possible. Focus on advancing 21st century global workforce goals of the CCC system. Anchor the initiative in the faculty for sustainability. Develop initial institutional partnerships with France, Mexico, Canada as the State’s main trading partners. Provide mobility opportunities for all students.

  • Services: Customized faculty training, matching, and support for CLICK projects. Advising on faculty recruitment and retention for both CLICK and mobility programming. Student, faculty, and program outcomes assessment with longitudinal and comparative results. Partnership development with CCC system, CT-COT, and Mexico, France with emphasis on French IUT’s and engineering programs. Targeting and securing external funding including two French Embassy Transatlantic Mobility Grants as well as internal CCC resources to sustain and grow the initiative. 

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Celebrating the completion of Virtual Exchange between IUT de Cachan Université Paris-Saclay and Tunxis Community College, CT, USA. Photo courtesy of Nicolas Liebeaux.

Illustrations of Challenges and Solutions

Customize our services to meet your challenges.

Challenge. A group of faculty in the school of engineering and their global partners are frustrated. Only 5-10 students per year are able to travel to each other’s campuses. And with COVID-19, that was not possible! And funding is always a problem. They’ve heard that VE is a way to bring more of their students into these cross-national projects right in their own classrooms. Maybe VE could motivate more students to join the global program. Maybe it could help faculty identify the appropriate candidates for their travel opportunities. Where do they start? 

CLICK Training Solution.   

Start with an Explore Workshop for faculty and program leaders to understand the basics and how it can work in their reality. Then we schedule the Connect-Design training workshops with their partner teachers so they are ready to run their first CLICK projects in their collaborating classes. As members of the CLICK network, our facilitators will support these teachers each step of the way.

Talk to our Founder to make your plan and get your customized workshops on the schedule.

Can a mix of training, special presentations, and assessment meet your challenges?

Challenge. A group of faculty has created their own virtual exchange projects with a few global teaching partners. Even before COVID-19, more campus faculty were interested in starting. The international education office is supportive but focuses on mobility and the current VE faculty can’t do the onboarding for new VE projects alone. Now that COVID-19 has stopped travel, everyone is more interested in VE. They need to persuade campus leadership to support a more systematic VE initiative.  Where do they start?

CLICK Solution. Schedule a brainstorming session with our Founder to gather the initiative’s leadership team. Build solidarity and strategy by hosting an Explore CLICK Workshop with the leadership team, international partners plus interested faculty. Build momentum by hosting a presentation by our Founder with your Campus Leadership or Foundation on a key goal, e.g. “Virtual Exchange, Why invest? Value for workforce readiness, retention, and recruitment?”.  With new support, schedule a Design workshop to onboard new VE faculty partners and support new and experienced VE teachers through the CLICK network. And the IE Office uses our assessment package to benchmark against student results from the entire Gazelle Intl network. 

Talk to our Founder about your goals and challenges and learn how we can help. 

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Prof. Carianne Garside kicks off CLICK project with IUT Cachan (on screen), Regional President James Lombella underscores the value of the global connections. Photo courtesy Tunxis Community College.