Navigating Grants

Federal grants. 


Hired in 1988 to return Yale to the winners circle for Title VI National Resource Center and Foreign Language and Area Studies grants, Yale won 4 to 5 out of 5applications in six competitions, most recently securing $2.3M/year.  In the last competition, re-structured outreach staff from six to one person and ensured that overhead claims more closely matched receipts. Organized staff to collaborate and streamline data collection with multiple units across campus and share best practices for proposal writing and reporting. Ensured full competitive points with the first outcome-based assessment system in collaboration with of the Office of Institutional Research and outside advice. Worked with staff and faculty to absorb 47% cut in year two while maintaining outreach and assessment as cross-council activities. Beyond T6, serve as PI for federal grant to New Haven Public Schools to teach Arabic and Chinese as the partner for evaluation and extracurricular work. Work with Federal Relations staff to inform the Connecticut delegation and other federal policy makers of the impact of T6 cuts and collaborate on other federal program and policy issues.


Donors, grants… 


need to show some experience with this, not just federal grants.