Collaborative Learning for International Capabilities and Knowledge

Join the Virtual Exchange community. Start CLICKing with us, whether you are just starting or looking for a new teaching partner or inspiration for your program. Start with the Explorers Workshop to learn about CLICK and how it can work for you. Then, join our CLICK network with one of our annual memberships. Meet other teachers and find a great teaching partner to start CLICKing! Our Design Workshop takes you and your teaching partner through all the steps to design a successful CLICK project from start to finish.

CLICK Explorers Workshop

You will learn about Virtual Exchange and our approach, CLICK (Collaborative Learning for International Capabilities and Knowledge). Find out how it can work for you!

The CLICK Network

Join and connect with your teaching partner, resources, and expert support. Three annual membership levels – Basic, Curated, and Concierge.  Each level meets changing needs as your work with Virtual Exchange evolves.

BASIC MEMBERSHIP: Especially useful for teachers who have participated in a previous CLICK project and VE program coordinators.

CURATED MEMBERSHIP: Especially useful for those seeking a partner for a first-time CLICK project or a new partner for an experienced CLICK teacher plus academic support and instructional design staff.

CONCIERGE MEMBERSHIP: Our most inclusive membership. Especially useful for first-time CLICKers.


Design a CLICK virtual exchange project: Using backward design, specify shared learning goals, and ideal final student team project.  Create cross-cultural and team learning tasks. Test and decide on technologies. Agree on shared assessment. Schedule and plan resources and deliverables. Be ready to deliver it.