We are glad you are considering joining one of our workshops or the CLICK Network. As you ponder your options, we know questions will pop up.  We hope this list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) will help answer many of them.  Please contact us directly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How do I access Gazelle International’s CLICK Network?

When you register, we will send you a welcome packet by email with instructions to join the Gazelle International space on the Linkr Education site and to become a member of our CLICK Network.

I am a university/college professor and I have no experience in co-teaching, much less with a colleague in another country, but I am really interested in this opportunity for my students.  Do I need to commit to the whole program?

No, you can take it in individual pieces. We recommend starting with the Explorers Workshop to get a feel for CLICK and ask your questions. If it seems interesting, then join the CLICK Network, ideally at the Curated level so you have access to the “speed dating” opportunities with group meetings and break-out sessions with possible teaching partners. Just completing your profile to join the CLICK Network will help you think through your goals, fears and hopes and you can start exploring the resources and discussions with other Network members. When you’re ready, take the plunge and join the Design Workshop with a partner and start CLICKing.

I have enjoyed connecting my students with peer groups overseas in facilitated discussions on key global issues.  Why might I consider CLICK classroom-based virtual exchange? What would be different about it?

It depends on what kind of facilitated discussions you’ve been doing. Often facilitated discussions are short with the goal of sparking curiosity, addressing global issues, and enhancing cross-cultural communication. CLICK's classroom-based approach can build on those results, deepening them with students in project-based teamwork using multiple learning activities and technologies to produce a final learning artifact or capstone project with peers in another country and culture under the guidance of you and your teaching partner. Working in international student teams on a joint project for credit impresses employers and provides a robust and rewarding experience for teachers and students alike.

How will I meet other teachers in the CLICK Network?

We hope you will meet them in your cohort in the Explorers and Design Workshops. The Network is a facilitated site, with more “connecting activities” at the Curated and Concierge levels. At all levels, you will meet teachers by browsing faculty profiles (we provide a template, you complete it, and post it on our Network page). The profiles can help spark conversations in discussion threads or by directly messaging faculty whose interests, goals, and/or subject areas are similar to yours. At the Curated and Concierge membership levels, a Gazelle International facilitator will arrange a “meet & greet” with you when you join to understand your goals and interests. We also announce other Network meetings through the year, e.g. regularly scheduled “speed dating” sessions with potential partners and ad-hoc offerings to engage member discussions on a range of topics.

Can I join the CLICK Network without taking the Explorers Workshop?  Is the Explorers Workshop required before I join the CLICK Network?

You are welcome to join the CLICK Network without taking the Explorers Workshop. Though, the Explorers Workshop will help you to learn about virtual exchange fundamentals and our custom approach to VE -- CLICK (Collaborative Learning for International Capabilities and Learning).

I am a university/college professor and I have done virtual exchange projects on my own. Why would I consider your training or the CLICK Network?

The design principles in our training workshops will help settle the pieces into a natural flow for your next project. If you have done class-to-class projects ad-hoc, you will find our systematic approach can solve niggling problems you have encountered. If you have facilitated cross-country peer discussions but not class-to-class team projects with a collaborating teacher, then we can help you make the transition. Joining the CLICK Network gives you access to new possible teaching partners or topics plus new insights, pedagogical approaches, evaluation tools, and practical resources. You can connect with faculty whose interests, areas of expertise, or goals align with yours. It is useful for new teaching partners to join the Design Workshop to help you consider and plan all elements of your CLICK module. Our expert facilitators can help you avoid pitfalls and improve your virtual exchange module experience.

I’m a Dean or Director of Academic Affairs on our campus, why would I do the Explorers Workshop?

The Explorers workshop will give you the fundamentals of our approach to class-to-class virtual exchange and you can explore how it can be useful for the teachers you support and guide, how it fits in your curriculum and internationalization plans. You could help teachers decide if and how it might be a good fit for them, especially as their and their students’ opportunities for travel are limited with the pandemic. You could also begin discussions with your campus leadership about how CLICK and virtual exchange might bolster your internationalization plans.

I’m a Dean or Director of Academic Affairs on our campus, if I do the Explorers Workshop, do I need to take the Design Workshop?

No, not necessarily. You might consider taking the Designers Workshop with your first cohort of teachers and their partners so you could decide if you want to use our training services for future CLICK partners or to consider our turnkey institutional services to accelerate developing your own capacities.

I’m a Dean or Director of Academic Affairs on our campus, why would I join the CLICK Network?

To keep your finger on the pulse! By joining the CLICK Network you have access to all the teacher profiles from your own and other campuses so you can help facilitate matches and compare interests and approaches. You can join the conversations and see the different pedagogical and assessment approaches, problems, and solutions being discussed and gain insights into what is working and why. As you see the array of CLICK topics and curricular combinations, you may be inspired to consider new programming or ways to advocate for virtual exchange in your home programs.

I work in a university or college setting supporting faculty through the library, instructional design, IT, or academic support. Am I welcome at the Explorers workshop?

Yes, the Explorers workshop will give you the fundamentals of our approach to class-to-class virtual exchange and you would have the opportunity to explore how it can be useful for the teachers you support. You could help them decide if it would be a good fit for them.

Can I do the Design Workshop if I haven’t taken the Explorers Workshop?

We suggest that teachers who are new to CLICK and Gazelle International’s Network take the Explorers Workshop before taking the Design Workshop. While not required, we find this order the most productive and time-effective to learn about our approach to virtual exchange, how to create the best experience for your students, and how to be a better teaching partner. If you have already designed a CLICK project with us, you do not need to take the Explorers Workshop again. You are welcome to join the Design Workshop if you are starting a new project with the same partner, or if you are seeking a new partner for a different project.

I work in a university or college setting supporting faculty through the library, instructional design, IT, or academic support.  Is the CLICK Network useful for me?

Yes! By joining the CLICK Network you have the opportunity to learn about virtual exchange and our approach. You can contribute your expertise and lessons to the whole Network and get feedback from others. You can better support your faculty by helping them find potential teaching partners on our Linkr Education Network page, learning about the technologies that we recommend for CLICK modules, and discovering more about the design process.

When I register for a workshop, how many participants from one institution are eligible for a 10% group discount?

Two participants from the same institution will qualify for the group discount. If you have more than five, please contact us to discuss institutional pricing.

Is there institutional pricing for workshops or CLICK Network membership?

Yes. Please contact us so we can understand your institutional needs and provide you with the best fit to our service.

When does my membership start/end in Gazelle International’s CLICK Network?

Five working days after we receive your paid registration. That gives us time to invite you to the Gazelle International space on Linkr Education so you can complete and upload your profile. With that, you will be set-up in the community and we will schedule your “meet & greet” interview with one of our facilitators.

Does the CLICK Network membership automatically renew?

No. We hope you will find it so useful that you want to renew. We will send a reminder ahead of your end-date.

What happens if I am unable to attend the workshop in which I’m registered?

You are welcome to join the next offering and carry over your registration.

How can I pay for my membership/workshop?

We process payments through PayPal which allows you to use credit cards or pay directly through your own PayPal account.

You use PayPal for payments but I don’t have an account.

PayPal will also process credit card payments. Look for that option on the payment screen when you register.

My institution will pay but only by invoice or purchase order.

Please contact us.

What kind of computer and Internet do I need to take full advantage of your services? Is it different for the Explorers or Design Workshops or membership in the CLICK Network?

Most Windows and Apple based computers with normal internet service will be fine for all of our services. We run the workshops on Zoom with privacy controls in place. For the CLICK Network, we use occasional emails and Gazelle International’s space on the Linkr Education platform which supports the CLICK Network. Linkr Education is web-based and accessible by mobile phone and desktop. Chrome is the preferred browser.

How secure is the CLICK Network? Is it GDPR compliant?

It is quite secure and GDPR compliant. That is one of the advantages of Gazelle International’s space on the Linkr Education site, our host for the CLICK Network.

How secure are the Zoom meetings for your workshops?

To protect our privacy in these meetings, we take all precautions recommended by Yale University and other universities that our team is associated with for teaching, administration, and consulting. For workshops, we use randomly generated meeting numbers, password protection, and a waiting room.

Will my Faculty Profile be available only to the members of Gazelle International’s CLICK Network?

Yes. Your faculty profile will only be available to members of Gazelle International’s CLICK Network and the Gazelle team.

What question have we missed?

Please contact us to let us know what else is on your mind!