Principal, Gazelle International


Chevalier des Palmes Académiques, France


EdD, Leadership & Administration,​​​​​​​University of Massachusetts, Amherst


MS, Agricultural Economics,

Cornell University


MPIA, Economic and Social Development, University of Pittsburgh


BA, Latin American Studies,

University of Pittsburgh



Amanat Trust, Los Angeles, California.  Principle Advisor to the Founder (July 2015 - January 2017). Developed vision, mission and strategic plan while building the advisory group and relationships with California Community Fund to administer the Amanat Trust grants ($100,000 in first year). Tested vision to action by developing the first round of field grants, overseeing field monitoring and working with grantees and consultants to produce larger lessons from the projects. Developed second round of preliminary grants, refined vision and geographic focus, roughed out the website.  Transitioning to group of advisors.

Hong Kong Council on Education and Research Grants, Reviewer for higher education and public administration proposals, annually since 2006.


University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Consultant to the Associate Provost for International Affair (May 2005).  Consulted with faculty and senior administrators on strategies for strengthening overall international programs for the newly created Provost’s position.


International Higher Education and Development Project, (October 18-22, 2001).  Research grant from Ford Foundation, Carnegie Foundation and Rockefeller Foundation to the Yale Center for International and Area Studies.  Member of the faculty committee organizing agenda and participants for an international conference titled “International Higher Education and African Development.”


Research Project on “US Higher Education Act, Title VI, Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Language Projects, research grant based at University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Massachusetts.  Co-principle investigators Barbara Burn and Ann I. Schneider.  Advisory Board member.  (1996 through 1999, completed June, 1999.)  Worked with a team of researchers designing, implementing and analysing the data resulting from both questionnaires and site visits to campuses regarding the effectiveness and impact of this undergraduate program on the recipient colleges and universities and the larger higher education community


Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs (APSIA),  Washington, D.C. (July 1993-January 1995). Part of a team led by Louis W. Goodman and funded by the Ford Foundation to research changes in international affairs education since the end of the cold war.  Principal in the survey design, analysis and final report for the undergraduate component. 


Management Systems International,  Washington, D.C.  (1989-1990).  Conducted a desk top review of project and program monitoring and evaluation systems of the AID/Washington Latin American and Caribbean Bureau to support advice on a redesign of the strategic, management and project information systems for  the LAC Bureau. 


Educational Development Center.  San Jose, Costa Rica  (March 1989).  As part of an on-going AID project to reform the criminal justice systems of Central America and Panama, assisted the staff of the United Nations program for the development of legal systems (ILANUD) to prepare their strategic planning initiative and to design associated training programs for introducing computerized information systems into the organizations responsible for administering the criminal judiciary processes of Central American governments. 


Winrock International.  Islamabad and Peshawar, Pakistan   (June 1987).  As part of Winrock's International Forestry Planning and Development Project, analyzed the training needs and finalized the design of a fifteen week training-cum-internship program in advanced management for South Asian foresters to be conducted jointly by the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies and the University of Connecticut/IPSI.