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Gazelle International’s mission as a non-profit is to support the international education community.  One of the ways we fulfill this is to provide briefing papers and “think pieces.” We would love to hear from you about these – how are they useful?   What other conversations emerge from these? Any topics you would like to see here? Please let us know!

Virtual Exchange Early Results – CLICKs

We are proud to share the results of our initial year working with the Connecticut community college system (CCC) to launch its first-ever comprehensive International Education Initiative.  Read full document.

Virtual Exchange: Value as Curricular Strategy - CLICKs 

Colleges need to prepare students for futures in an interconnected world and to thrive amid the challenges of globalization. Do they create deep ties to the curriculum? Do they offer strategic opportunities to connect international resources on campus? Most importantly, do they reach most students? In the US, only 1% of all students are able to participate.  Read full document.

2019 Results Report

Gazelle International has been working with the Connecticut community college system to pilot a comprehensive International Education Initiative. To share the fruits of our work over two years 2017-19, let’s take a look at survey responses and feedback from nearly 200 students and 16 teachers connecting across Connecticut, France, and Mexico with CLICKs, virtual exchange projects. Read the full report here.

Virtual Exchange: CLICKs Case Studies

We are proud to share the CLICK case studies and samples of teaching collaborations across countries.  Read full document.

High-Value Outcomes in International Higher Education

Yale’s MacMillan Center implemented a comprehensive assessment of international education resources and outcomes for Yale graduate, professional, and undergraduate students 2001-2015. Designed with the Office of Institutional Research, five area councils executed a common plan (Africa, East Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East) with federal Title VI funds.  Read More.

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