Assess your international capacity.
Know your results.  


Solid information leads to strong execution.  We know how to measure what matters in your internationalization efforts – strategic, operational and academic.  We help map core international resources, often hidden in plain sight.  Our holistic approach includes evaluating curricular and program resources, benchmarking outcomes, reviewing the business model and incentives, setting priorities and identifying appropriate funding sources to sustain programs and grow systematically.  Gazelle International’s approach and deep field expertise move you from vision to measurable results in higher education programs.  In the process, you’ll also find your innovators and champions – your Gazelles. Help them break out and lead.

My thanks for all the work you've done in bringing The View to completion and release, from sourcing the original data, to the primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary analysis, to shepherding through the final analysis and recommendations. It's wonderful to see what you were able to get from the data, even though the categories that the university tracks remain imperfect. I look forward to continuing to work with you on this and the many other ways in which the Women Faculty Forum contributes to life on campus.

--Claire Bowern

Professor, Director of Graduate Studies

Chair: Yale Women Faculty Forum ( Department of Linguistics