AFF - A Family Foundation

~ NGO “start-up” success story

 We have been honored to consult with the Amanat Family Foundation (renamed The Amanat Trust in January 2017),                          

 helping to make their international strategy work, measuring the results that matter.

Vision.  AFF works toward greater tolerance and social justice, gender equality, solutions to environmental challenges, educational opportunities and material improvement of disadvantaged communities worldwide.  We strive to end violence toward women, children, neglected minorities as well as victims of ecological threats. This vision is aspirational, reflecting the imperative of empowerment for the disenfranchised of the world and the key role of vocational and higher education and employment options in its pursuit.
Mission.  AFF is committed to supporting initiatives and projects that provide optimal and innovative means of advancing our vision on the human level. We will partner with local and international non-profit or non-governmental organizations (NGOs), institutions of higher learning, research institutes, and governmental agencies. We encourage novel ideas by individuals seeking to promote and develop solid projects. We will seek and use novel ways to engage experts and others to create new options and pathways to influence relevant policy decisions at local, national and international levels.



Indonesia:  Self-sufficiency & conservation through health, replication sites

Jordan: Refugee livelihoods for Syrian and Jordanian women. Policy lessons and advocacy.

Afghanistan:  Legal aid for women & families, strategic sustainability plan.

Afghanistan: First women’s college with health careers focus.

Legal Aid

Da Qanoon Ghushtonky - Kabul: Legal Education and Public Defender System

Legal and Public Defense

Afghan Legal Aid

Women in College

First group of students to enter Razia Jan Institute (RJI)

First Women's College

Razia Jan Institute - First Women's College: The new facility will include a medical clinic where midwifery students will train alongside doctors and midwives.

Goats for widows

Indonesia: ASRI Self-sufficiency through Conservation: Goats for Widows Program

Manage Your Finances

Jordan - International Rescue Committee - Women's Business Start-Up Training - "Manage Your Finances"